An Operational Director

for your business delivering reform, transformation and operations sales governance

DURING THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS we are still able to deliver the Your Sales Enabler™  services, wherever you are.


Why Choose Your Sales Enabler™?

When you sign up to Your Sales Enabler™ Sales Geek will provide your business with:

  • Everything you get with Your Sales Director™ PLUS the best operational leadership talent at an affordable rate.
  • A full diagnosis of your end to end sales operation, including people, processes, systems and functions.
  • Development of long-term strategic business plan and go to market strategy to deliver against long term goals.
  • Holistic culture review in line with business goals to set the roadmap and alignment between management and sales teams.
  • A member of your leadership team to bounce ideas and to provide check and balance on strategic and operational decisions.
  • Design, implementation of all processes, including CRM optimisation.

Hiring a sales operations director is a big deal for any company, and in many instances can be a greater challenge than finding an experienced sales director.

The importance of ensuring your ‘Sales Enablement’ strategy is robust, operationally fit for purpose and is aligned with your business and go-to-market strategies is critical to the success of your company.

Your SalesGeek© ‘Sales Enabler’ will be the driving force in your business for as long as you need us. Your business can tap into our years of experience from across a vast array of industries to ensure that your systems, structures, people and processes are the best they can be for your business model.

Sales Operations Director’s are hard to find, their salaries even more prohibitive than that of a sales director, so having access to a team of experienced, highly trained and distinguished leaders at your fingertips gives your business a competitive edge.

Your Sales Enabler™ will transform your sales operations, people, processes and functions that are designed to support your business strategy. Through our flexible – ‘consume what you need’ – model, you will have access to a leading sales operations director/business leader and access to all the Geeks in the background who are all available to support you and your business in various disciplines: from people training to e-Commerce; Marketing, Strategy, Process and Development and beyond.

For most businesses that usually means 1-3 days support per month. For others we could be working with you once a week or more. A typical contract length is 6-12 months but we will be in your corner for as long as it takes for you to hire that full-time sales leader that you can afford and is the perfect fit for your business in the long term. We will even help you recruit that person leveraging our existing contacts and inside knowledge.



Some of our clients need more than just a Sales Director. We are happy to talk through your specific needs. We never take a one size fits all approach. Please call us to discuss.

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The Sales Academy

  • Sales Training for everyone
  • ISM Accredited
  • 30+ hours across the year
  • CPD Points

Your Sales Trainer

  • Internal sales training
  • ISM Accredited
  • Bespoke training
  • Experienced trainers

Your Sales Director

  • Part-time Sales Director
  • Experienced Sales Leadership
  • Strategic Support
  • Zero on-costs