Sales Geek was founded to change the way the world perceives sales

Sales Geek is one of only 20 sales training centres worldwide that are accredited by the Institute of Sales Management.

Our experienced sales trainers are some of the best sales consultants in the industry but they have also sat exactly where you are now. They have been successful sales leaders, Directors and Business Owners so they understand the commercial pressures of running a team or business and offer quick and practical help to get you more sales.

We can collectively draw on hundreds of years of sales consultancy expertise and sales training experience to ultimately give you a delightfully fresh and Geeky insight into top level sales performance.

If you are looking to grow your sales then you are in the right place as our team of sales trainers and sales consultants have developed over 15,000 people in the UK and have quickly become know as the ‘go to’ company for sales training.

We are also the only sales training and consultancy company to have a dedicated app with hundreds of sales training videos and we add new ones on each week.

Meet the Geeks

Sales Geek team

Richard Few

Chief Geek and Founder

Richard founded Sales Geek to change the way the world perceives sales and make world class sales leadership available for everyone not just large corporations. He has led from the front as the Geeky team has grown and flourished and won multiple awards for our ground breaking work. Weekends are for family, Reggie the bulldog and the rugby pitch, not always in that order. You might say that as a rugby player as well as a Sales Geek he specialises in conversions!

Geek Value: Do the right thing

Sales Geek team

Lucy Few

Chief People & Finance Geek

Geek Director Lucy is the Geek you’ll deal with when we get to sorting contracts and invoices. She is also our wellbeing Geek and the person we all turn to for a plaster on a grazed knee or a well earned duvet day. Somehow she manages to be both hyper organised, caring and approachable. She’s the one you’ll hang out with most on a night out, she’ll dispense wisdom to sort your life out and keep you amused with innuendo aplenty. She is devoted to her two boys, Ellis and… Richard!

Geek Value: Geek’s care

Sales Geek team

James Denny

Strategic Director Geek

James is a Director of Sales Geek. In the dim and distant past he used to be a sonar operator in the Navy and knows a few bleeping things about sales and business growth too. James has worked on business strategy for over 20 years and helped sell businesses for over £700m in the last seven years. James puts his strategic brain to use on the tennis court where his best laid plans are usually undone by his failing body!

Geek Value: Be Brave!

Sales Geek team

John French

Group Marketing Director

John is a Geek Director and our resident Marketing Geek. A keen fisherman, John is patient, safe in his knowledge he has the right digital bait on his hook!! Having advised clients for over 15 years, there isn’t much he doesn’t know about generating leads and driving sales. He has worked with clients of all sizes to generate multi-award winning, results-driven, campaigns. He enjoys spending time with his family and naturally squeezes in a bit of fishing at every opportunity.

Geek Value: Change the World

Secret Geek

Secret Geek

Secret Geek

Some say that our secret Geek is half Canadian, was once kidnapped by Norwegians in Paris and snogged a Hollywood actress. All we know, is that he is our constantly creative, content Geek. If in passing you have noticed the Sales Geek brand or liked, shared or commented on our social media then that’s our Secret Geek sauce working its magic. He’s very shy and even David Attenborough hasn’t seen him in his natural environment – being kept on his toes by his two boys and their endless stream of sporting activities.

Geek Value: Make things fun.

Erik Pollitt

Erik Pollitt

Chief Learning & Development Geek

Erik’s sales training CV reads like one you’d make up if only you had the imagination. Erik is the reason that you’ll return to Sales Geek again and again for training. With his help we are already on our way to becoming the best sales training provider in the UK and he played a key role in helping Geek become one of only 20 training centres world wide to be accredited by the Institute of Sales Management. Mon Dieu! – Erik’s spends his spare time at his chateau in France!

Geek Value: Always be learning

Sales Geek team

Matt Simmons

Digital & Training Geek

Matt is our e-commerce Geek. From celebrity accounts to seven figure businesses Matt has woven his magic. Formally a lighting technician on the sets of Jersey Boys and Shrek the Musical, his specialist knowledge will help illuminate your e-commerce business. Matt organises all our online training content both on the Hub & for the Sales Geek Academy. It’s not easy herding Geeks but Matt somehow manages it seamlessly. At weekends you’ll find him bombing at Comedy Store Gonzo nights with his “stand-up” routine!

Geek Value: Make things fun

Sales Geek team

Peter Mitchell

Operations Geek

Peter is our Operations Geek. Cosmopolitan Peter is bilingual after working for years in Karlsruhe near the French border. Beeindruckend! And we are lucky to have him as his transfer to New Zealand was kiboshed by Covid lockdowns! His role is wide ranging but can be distilled down to one phrase, he “herds Geek cats”, keeping Sales Geek running as smoothly as possible. His claim to fame is either: he has played in the BBC Youth Proms at The Royal Albert Hall; or that he has previously played rugby with our Chief Geek, Richard – we’ll let you decide which is most impressive?

Geek Value: Get **it Done!


Sales Geek team

Melanie Horrocks

Learning and Development Geek

Melanie is one of our Learning and Development Geeks. She has over 15 years sales experience and is like me and you – with a dog named Boo, who was rescued from a drugs den! For 6 years she helped run her family’s chicken farm, but you should never expect “poultry” returns from her training, in fact we think you will “l’oeuf” it. Fowl and obscure 70s pop references aside, Melanie is a pocket dynamo with an infectious personality and sneaky ninja training skills that will delight your sales team and get serious results.

Geek Value: Change the world

Simon Drake is Sales Geek's Senior Sales Executive

Tom Crook

Sales Manager

By day Tom worked in advertising sales with some of the biggest hotel brands around from the Four Seasons to Shangri La, providing his demanding clients with sensational customer service and even better ROI. By night Tom was Dean Martin in a successful Rat Pack tribute act. So when he met the Geeks and felt the bells “ting-a-ling-a-linging” he knew (as did we) “That’s Amore!” Tom has such rare sales skills that he heads up our own sales function!!! Away from the madding crowds, Tom loves spending time with his family because he obviously understands that: “You are nobody ’til somebody loves you

Geek Value: Volare!

Simon Drake is Sales Geek's Recruitment Geek

Simon Drake

Recruitment Geek

Simon is our Recruitment Geek. He’s our first port of call for anything recruitment related. Simon is responsible for finding the next generation of Sales Geeks and recruiting them from all across the globe to join our mission to change the sales world. When he’s not searching for new Geeks, Simon runs a successful, exclusive taxi firm for 3 local footballers – his sons! His Labradoodle, Barney, keeps him fit and in the outdoors he loves. Simon loves his audible books on personal development, and is always up for a geeky giggle!

Geek Value: Always be Learning!

Emily Rothwell

Apprentice Marketing Geek

Emily is our amazing Apprentice Marketing Geek. She joined us off the back of one of the most knockout interviews our Geeks have ever seen! No pressure!!  Emily works closely with our Secret Geek on all our social media but will be bringing her very special set of skills to our Tik Tok and Instagram channels. You are sure to see her at a Geek event near you. A keen dancer with a penchant for Mountaineering and Horse Riding, you definitely won’t find her with a long face as she aims to be the ‘mane’ (wo)man in our marketing department.

Geek Value: Geeks Are Brave!


Kieran Hadcroft

Finance Geek

Kieran is our Finance Geek. Although he couldn’t sell a salmon to a seal, he puts together a mean monthly management pack. From high street banks to manufacturing, from tiny, street corner practices to large, county spanning ones, he’s seen it all. Kieran uses his financial knowledge and eye for detail to ensure our continued growth is based on sound foundations.

Geek Value: Get **it Done!

Ben Blackman

Relationship & Partnership Geek

Ben has 20 years senior management experience across multiple sectors focussed on developing partnerships that truly add value. Which is perfect for his role at Geek. Whether you are a client or a franchisee, Ben is going to be your new best friend, dedicated to looking after you with the utmost care and quality. Ben claims he can milk a cow (we don’t want to milk it, think that’s ‘udder‘ rubbish). He has a 100% winning record in dance competitions and is so proficient with a guitar he estimates he can proficiently play 72% of 97 songs on guitar!

Geek Value: Geek’s care

Sales Geek team

Simon Damp

Sales Geek (Preston)

Simon is Your Sales Director. He also held the Guinness World record for taping someone to a wall in the fastest time and enjoys clay pigeon shooting in his spare time – so once you hire him, you are stuck with him!! The truth is you are never going to want to let him go. Simon’s experience and track record is unrivalled. As the former MD of ‘Gorilla Glue’ he grew their sales from £250k to over £40m! He knows how to grow and scale a business. He is another member of team Geek you need in your corner.

Geek Value: Geeks change the world

Sales Geek team

Tony Capper

Sales Geek (Lancaster & South Lakes)

Tony is Your Sales Director. With more experience than he would care to admit, winning ‘share price’ affecting deals and delivering real transformation for our clients gives him that true Geek feeling. Captivated as a customer of Sales Geek, Tony understands the impact the Geeks have on the business world. In his spare time, Tony can be found pottering on his family’s smallholding implementing the next ‘excellent idea’ from his better half.

Geek Value: Get shit done

Sales Geek team

Adrian Meakin

Amazin' Geek

Adrian is our Amazin’ Geek with more than 10 years of experience selling on the biggest online sales platform in the world, Adrian recently sold one of his brands for a 6-figure sum and now helps people create thriving Amazon businesses. One recent client really hit the ground running, making over £1000 net profit PER DAY until he quickly sold out of stock! Few people know more about selling on Amazon. Adrian is a past winner of the Weakest Link and member of MENSA. There is no one better placed to improve your sales IQ and help you Chase your dreams, ensuring your Amazon experience isn’t Pointless.

Geek Value: Change The World

Jon Whitby is Your Sales Director for Cheshire East

Jonathan Whitby

Sales Geek (Cheshire East)

Jonathan has spent the last 6 years at a UK senior management level of a little known company called Tesla – or at least they were when Jonathan quit his safe, secure, successful, job of 17 years to join them. Jon helped them grow to be the number 1 EV market in Europe. He is ideally placed to give your Cheshire business the spark it needs to be successful. On the weekend he coaches his son’s football team but doesn’t even have his initials on his tracksuit, so we’re not sure that counts. He lives with chronic neck pain developed over years of watching his beloved Stoke City. However, there is nothing “long-ball” about Jon’s sales tactics.

Geek Value: Get **it Done!

Sales Geek team

Darren Neill

Sales Geek (East Lancashire)

Darren has been in sales for over 30 years and at director level for the last 15, ranging from vice president of global sales, through managing director roles at 2 start ups, taking them from zero to a million sales inside 3 years. Darren loves gardening and crossfit and is a rowing coach, which makes him a lean, green, rowing machine in our book – that’s quite an image! As an olympic weightlifting coach too, his commitment to fitness is almost as obsessive as his commitment to the perfect, perpendicular lines of his lawn. So East Lancashire businesses, you need to snatch up Darren before your competitors do, he’ll help you clean your pipeline (and more) and he’s certainly no jerk!

Geek Value: Be Brave

Lisa Ansell - Your Sales Trainer

Lisa Ansell

Your Sales Trainer

Lisa is Your ‘Geeky’ Sales Trainer. Described as the female Harvey Spectre (The Best Closer in the City: Suits) she is the world’s most reluctant salesperson. So much so that she wrote the book on it; literally, authoring, “Pull NOT Push – A revolution in selling for people who hate it!” With far more years sales experience than she really wants to reveal here, she is a Rugby playing, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Surfing, Disco dancing Grandmother. So it doesn’t matter if your business is looking for more conversions; or seems to be pedalling uphill; if you’re up a creek without a paddle, riding a wave of success or just down to boogie the night away: Lisa’s got you covered.

Geek Value: Change The World!

Jennie Edmundson is Your Sales Trainer for Lancaster and South Lakes

Jennie Edmondson

Your Sales Trainer (Lancaster and South Lakes)

Mum of two awesome girls, Geek trainer Jennie is an ex RAF Operations Officer and bootcamp instructor. She’s an open water swimming, mountain biking, kettlebell swinging force of nature, always ready to throw some killer shapes to 90’s house music!  Jennie is a force for personal development, change, growth and sustainability, so if you if you want to look beyond the ordinary, then Jennie definitely brings her sense of adventure into her sales training, driving change and growth. She will turn you into lean, mean, fighting sales machines in no time.

Geek Value: Always Be Learning


Aaron Sussex

Sales Geek (North Wales)

Born into a family of Engineers, Aaron followed in well trodden footsteps before swapping his overalls for a suit whilst working at Henkel EcoLab. He spent 14 years there working through various leadership roles eventually being responsible for growing a £1.2bn business across Northern Europe. Do You Want to Know A Secret? Aaron used to be a right handed Paul McCartney in a Beatles Tribute Band. He knows that being in business can be a Long and Winding Road and sometimes when you’re working Eight Days A Week you need Help!, Yesterday. You Can Work It Out with Aaron, he can Hold Your Hand to help you Get Back to a thriving business.

Geek Value: Always Be Learning!

Our Values

What does it mean to be a Sales Geek? What can you expect when you work with us? SalesGeek© has a very clear strand of DNA that runs through all of us, which all adds together to form the anatomy of a Geek.


Compassion starts at home. Being a Geek is belonging to a tribe. We look out for each other and that attitude transfers to our clients.


Geeks speak up for what’s right rather than what’s easy. We are committed to a high standard of personal conduct and have the courage to make tough decisions.


If we aren’t having fun doing it then why bother? Geeks strive to transfer that innate sense of fun to our guests, clients and Geekophiles.


Procrastination is the thief of time. Time is our most precious asset, why waste it? Geeks commit to something, then do it.


A Geek is never comfortable. We are genuinely excited to learn new stuff and adapt and thrive within an ever changing world.


Our company was founded with the mission to: "change the way the world perceives sales". That mission has not faltered and each Geek has a contribution to make in realising it.


The Geek Bunker™ is our home. It’s where we come to recharge our geekiness!

And we have recently moved! We have transplanted all our Geeky goodness to The Cathedral Quarter in Blackburn. You can find out more about our move here.

You can now find us at:

5th Floor, One Cathedral Square,

Cathedral Quarter,

Blackburn, BB1 1FB

Post Covid things are looking a little bit different, but we still have a great space for training and we will be ramping things up in this respect, just as soon as it is safe to do so. If you are visiting we have great break-out spaces, secluded meeting rooms and our own Geeky media room!

We can’t wait for your visit just as soon as you can!🤓

What we are currently up to


In March this year (it seems so long ago, already), Melanie Horrocks took her life in her hands, entered the Geek Bunker and joined the team as Learning and Development Geek. With over 15 years of sales experience in a variety of roles, she was keen for a new challenge. Sales Geek had always been on her radar, but when she attended a training course herself, it opened her eyes to the what training could be be when done right, in a word it was “fun”.

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Sales Manager Job Description

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