Sales Geek was founded to change the way the world perceives sales

Sales Geek was founded to change the world, we offer part-time interim Sales Directors and trainers to small businesses who might ordinarily be priced out of the market for top level talent.

Our experienced Geeks are some of the best sales leaders in the industry. Collectively we have over 800 years of sales leadership experience and have developed thousands of sales people across the UK and beyond. But we have also sat exactly where you are now. We have been successful sales leaders, Directors and Business Owners so we understand the commercial pressures of running a team or business. There isn’t much we haven’t seen or done before and we bring all our experience together to help grow your sales and drive your business forward

Part of changing the way the world perceives sales is changing the way sales training is “done”. We have a unique hybrid model where we can work with your Sales teams, face to face, online and via our free to use app. We are also the only sales training and consultancy company to have a dedicated app with hundreds of sales training videos and podcasts which can be accessed by your team any time any where.

Meet the Geeks

Richard Few - CEO of Sales Geek

Richard Few

Chief Geek and Founder

Richard founded Sales Geek to change the way the world perceives sales and make world class sales leadership available for everyone not just large corporations. He has led from the front as the Geeky team has grown and flourished and won multiple awards for our ground breaking work. Weekends are for family, Reggie the bulldog and the rugby pitch, not always in that order. You might say that as a rugby player as well as a Sales Geek he specialises in conversions!

Geek Value: Change the world

Lucy Few - Operations And finance

Lucy Few

Chief Happiness Geek Director

Geek Director Lucy is the Geek you’ll deal with when we get to sorting contracts and invoices. She is also our wellbeing Geek and the person we all turn to for a plaster on a grazed knee or a well earned duvet day. Somehow she manages to be both hyper organised, caring and approachable. She’s the one you’ll hang out with most on a night out, she’ll dispense wisdom to sort your life out and keep you amused with innuendo aplenty. She is devoted to her two boys, Ellis and… Richard!

Geek Value: Geek’s care

James Denny - Strategy Director

James Denny

Strategic Director Geek

James is our Chief Strategy Geek Director and our Dove from above. In the dim and distant past he used to be a sonar operator in the Navy and knows a few bleeping things about sales and business growth too. Over the last decade, James has helped sell businesses for over £700m. You can find him hosting our Strategy Thursdays. Geeks find him everyday, like a benevolent child-catcher, ladened with sweets, cakes and goodies. James puts his strategic brain to use on the tennis court where his best laid plans are usually undone by his failing body!

Geek Value: Geeks Are Brave!

John French - Marketing Director

John French

Group Marketing Director

John is a Geek Director and our resident Marketing Geek. A keen fisherman, John is patient, safe in his knowledge he has the right digital bait on his hook!! Having advised clients for over 15 years, there isn’t much he doesn’t know about generating leads and driving sales. He has worked with clients of all sizes to generate multi-award winning, results-driven, campaigns. He enjoys spending time with his family and naturally squeezes in a bit of fishing at every opportunity.

Geek Value: Change the World

Graham Campbell

Creative Geek (Formerly known as Secret Geek)

Some said that Secret Geek is half Canadian, was once kidnapped by Norwegians in Paris and snogged a Hollywood actress. Many said that’s all made up nonsense. All we know, is that he is our constantly creative Geek. If in passing you have noticed the Sales Geek brand or liked, shared or commented on our social media then that’s our Secret Geek sauce working its magic. Graham is delighted to finally be “out of the Geek closet” and can’t wait to crack on as an official Geek. Outside of Geeklife he is kept on his toes by two boys and their endless stream of sporting activities.

Geek Value: Geeks are Brave!

Melaine Horrocks - Learning And Development

Melanie Horrocks

Head of Franchise Training Development

Melanie is one of our Learning and Development Geeks. She has over 15 years sales experience and is like me and you – with a dog named Boo, who was rescued from a drugs den! For 6 years she helped run her family’s chicken farm, but you should never expect “poultry” returns from her training, in fact we think you will “l’oeuf” it. Fowl and obscure 70s pop references aside, Melanie is a pocket dynamo with an infectious personality and sneaky ninja training skills that will delight your sales team and get serious results.

Geek Value: Change the world

Tom Crook - Sales Manager

Tom Crook

Franchise Support Geek

By day Tom worked in advertising sales with some of the biggest hotel brands around from the Four Seasons to Shangri La, providing his demanding clients with sensational customer service and even better ROI. By night Tom was Dean Martin in a successful Rat Pack tribute act. So when he met the Geeks and felt the bells “ting-a-ling-a-linging” he knew (as did we) “That’s Amore!” Tom has such rare sales skills that he heads up our own sales function!!! Away from the madding crowds, Tom loves spending time with his family because he obviously understands that: “You are nobody ’til somebody loves you

Geek Value: Geeks are brave

Ben Blackman - Relationships And Partnerships

Ben Blackman

Chief Operations Geek

Ben has 20 years senior management experience across multiple sectors focussed on developing partnerships that truly add value. Which is perfect for his role at Geek. Whether you are a client or a franchisee, Ben is going to be your new best friend, dedicated to looking after you with the utmost care and quality. Ben claims he can milk a cow (we don’t want to milk it, think that’s ‘udder‘ rubbish). He has a 100% winning record in dance competitions and is so proficient with a guitar he estimates he can proficiently play 72% of 97 songs on guitar!

Geek Value: Geek’s care

Sana Malik - Sales executive

Sana Malik

Franchise Operations Geek

Sana is our Sales Executive Geek. To be a salesperson for Sales Geek takes a special kind of person. It’s like being in charge of Christmas decorations for Santa – it’s a big deal! As a Mixed Martial Artist and trainer she definitely has the background to succeed at Geek. Always ready to “ground and pound” the phones, she certainly won’t “choke” as she “clinches” deal after deal. In her spare time Sana is writing her first novel, blending different cultures and mythologies into a spectacular fantasy. Sounds a bit like the day job really!

Geek Value: Get **it Done!

Amy Vanheste - Office Coordinator

Amy Vanheste

Operations & Compliance Geek

After nearly twelve years working in sales for a large bank, Amy took redundancy to spend more time with her young family and build up a childcare business. Latterly, she has lent her creative talents to contributing articles for an online magazine and editing her friend’s successful series of erotic books. It certainly gives her a unique perspective. Amy has quickly got into the ‘swing’ of things at the Bunker and fortunately hasn’t handcuffed anyone to their desks yet. We hope she continues to get a ‘buzz’ out of her Geeky work, we are definitely looking for a long-term relationship.

Geek Value: Change the World

Luke Wilkinson

Money Geek

Luke is our Money Geek at HQ. He has been working in Finance at a senior level for the past 8 years and we are delighted he is part of Team Geek to help support our growth for years to come. He is perhaps the Geekiest of Geeks & not just by virtue of his job title. He is a techie & loves a spreadsheet – ✔️check; a Marvel and DC comic book lover – ✔️check; into collectibles – ✔️check, and has an Optimus Prime Transformer on his desk – ✔️check! Even his marriage ceremony was Geeky with a lockdown Gretna Green visit and the photographer & Vicar making up 1/3 of the guest list. A self proclaimed embarrassing Dad to daughter Hollie, Luke checks all the boxes to be a huge Geeky success!

Geek Value: Geeks are always learning

Adrian Meakin - Sales Geek Franchise ( Amazon Specialist )

Adrian Meakin

Amazin' Geek

Adrian is our Amazin’ Geek with more than 10 years of experience selling on the biggest online sales platform in the world, Adrian recently sold one of his brands for a 6-figure sum and now helps people create thriving Amazon businesses. One recent client really hit the ground running, making over £1000 net profit PER DAY until he quickly sold out of stock! Few people know more about selling on Amazon. Adrian is a past winner of the Weakest Link and member of MENSA. There is no one better placed to improve your sales IQ and help you Chase your dreams, ensuring your Amazon experience isn’t Pointless.

Geek Value: Change The World

Jonathan Whitby - Sales Geek Franchise Cheshire East

Jonathan Whitby

Sales Geek (Cheshire East)

Before becoming a Geek Jonathan spent 6 years at a UK senior management level of a little-known company called Tesla – or at least they were when Jonathan quit his safe, secure, successful, job of 17 years to join them. Jon helped them grow to be the number 1 EV market in Europe. He is ideally placed to give your Cheshire business the spark it needs to be successful. On the weekend he coaches his son’s football team but doesn’t even have his initials on his tracksuit, so we’re not sure that counts. He lives with chronic neck pain that developed over years of watching his beloved Stoke City. However, there is nothing “long-ball” about Jon’s sales tactics.

Geek Value: Get **it Done!

Darren Neill - Sales Geek Franchise East Lancashire

Darren Neill

Sales Geek (East Lancashire)

Darren has been in sales for over 30 years and at director level for the last 15, ranging from vice president of global sales, through managing director roles at 2 start ups, taking them from zero to a million sales inside 3 years. Darren loves gardening and crossfit and is a rowing coach, which makes him a lean, green, rowing machine in our book – that’s quite an image! As an olympic weightlifting coach too, his commitment to fitness is almost as obsessive as his commitment to the perfect, perpendicular lines of his lawn. So East Lancashire businesses, you need to snatch up Darren before your competitors do, he’ll help you clean your pipeline (and more) and he’s certainly no jerk!

Geek Value: Be Brave

Lisa Ansell - Sales Geek Franchise ( Sales Trainer )

Lisa Ansell

Sales Geek (Essex)

Lisa is Your Sales Director in Essex. Described as the female Harvey Spectre (The Best Closer in the City: Suits) she is the world’s most reluctant salesperson. So much so that she wrote the book on it; literally, authoring, “Pull NOT Push – A revolution in selling for people who hate it!” With far more years sales experience than she really wants to reveal here, she is a Rugby playing, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Surfing, Disco dancing Grandmother. So it doesn’t matter if your business is looking for more conversions; or seems to be pedalling uphill; if you’re up a creek without a paddle, riding a wave of success or just down to boogie the night away: Lisa’s got you covered.

Geek Value: Change The World!

Aaron Sussex - Sales Geek Franchise North Wales

Aaron Sussex

Sales Geek (North Wales)

Born into a family of Engineers, Aaron followed in well trodden footsteps before swapping his overalls for a suit whilst working at Henkel EcoLab. He spent 14 years there working through various leadership roles eventually being responsible for growing a £1.2bn business across Northern Europe. Do You Want to Know A Secret? Aaron used to be a right handed Paul McCartney in a Beatles Tribute Band. He knows that being in business can be a Long and Winding Road and sometimes when you’re working Eight Days A Week you need Help!, Yesterday. You Can Work It Out with Aaron, he can Hold Your Hand to help you Get Back to a thriving business.

Geek Value: Geeks Are Always Learning!

David Mercado - Sales Geek Franchise Manchester

David Mercado

Sales Geek (Manchester)

David is our South African born Geek. He has more than 20 years senior sales experience, managing local and global accounts, developing new markets and establishing successful new revenue streams from the USA to the Middle East. A successful sportsman, David played baseball in the 2003 Big League World Series and was scouted by the Atlanta Braves. After injury curtailed his ambitions to play in MLB he went on to play for GB and now plays recreational golf as a low single figure handicapper. So if you need help with your sales pitching, there is literally no one better placed. He will cover all your bases and help turn your prospects into home run clients!

Geek Value: Be Brave! (it had to be really)

David Poole (Sales Geek Coventry and Warwickshire)

David Poole

Sales Geek (Coventry & Warwickshire)

David comes to Sales Geek from Coventry via Copenhagen where he was FedEx’s Director of Sales Development & Education for Europe. Most of us when we leave a position like that might take on a project; some gardening, golf, maybe some light woodworking? David decided he would help launch and run the HMV Empire in Coventry. Ed Sheeran on opening night was a highlight as was helping get Elton John’s grand piano on stage – via 5 flights of stairs! With a background like that we know David will definitely boost your  performance & delivery.

Geek Value: Change the World!

Pippa Tait (Sales Geek Shropshire)

Pippa Tait

Sales Geek (Shropshire)

Pippa, born and bred a Shropshire ‘Lass’ has been ’round the Wrekin of senior sales roles. From Turkey to Kosovo she’s always returned to the spires and farms of her “blue remembered hills”. Pippa is not your average Sales executive. 20 years of selling into the NHS means there isn’t much she hasn’t seen, not much she can’t overcome, no Kafkaesque bureaucracy she can’t penetrate. She is Tenacious D of Dorrington, the sales specialist of Shrewsbury and the Geek of Gobowen. A Super-mum, no ordinary Salesperson, perfectly placed to help the businesses of Shropshire flourish like an A.E. Housman climbing rose.

Geek Value: Geeks Care

Peter Barclay

Sales Geek (Glasgow West)

Once upon a time in West Scotland a boy drops out of Uni to start working at a bike hire centre. Over the next 12 years he turns that business into a diverse multi-million £ enterprise. Boy meets vet, they fall in love and move to Blackburn, Lancashire. Boy begins working as international sales director for PLC companies selling innovative street furniture and road safety products. Boy and vet return to Scotland to raise a family. Boy becomes a consultant and Group Sales Director of a family business, driving growth into new markets and doubling their workforce in the middle of a pandemic. A typical Geeky story!!! That’s Peter, a Geek that walks the walk: he has been right where you are now and has the tools to help All Businesses Great and Small!

Geek Value: Change the World!

Campbell Mclean

Sales Geek (East Midlands)

Campbell has been a Sales Geek in everything but name for years. He grew up obsessed with Sir Harvey Jones’ “Troubleshooter” programme and the processes around business transformation. His leadership experience is wide-ranging across operations, finance, sales, procurement and customer services and he has consistently driven change and revenue growth in diverse sectors from orthotics to bathroom products. Amidst his successes, Campbell insists that a career highlight was delivering successful product training inside a toilet! Outside of work, he is Akela for a local Cub Scout troop. So whatever your business, we promise Campbell will always do his best, provide relief for your organisation and leave you feeling flush!

Geek Value: Geeks Care

Aaron White

Sales Geek (Bolton)

Aaron comes to Sales Geek directly from Therabody (home to some of the coolest endorsees on the planet) where he was the Sales Director for Europe. He spent 8 years as part of the Adidas Group in the UK, so it should come as no surprise that Aaron in a sports nut with a particular penchant for endurance sports. He competed in Iron Man UK in 2018 and it’s his ambition to finish in the top 3 of his age group and have the opportunity to compete in Hawaii. If all that sound too energetic for you, then no problem? Aaron’s extensive sales knowledge and experience will help your business become a lean, mean machine in no time.

Geek Value: Change the World!

Hayden Fox Sales Geek for Sheffield

Hayden Fox

Sales Geek (Sheffield)

Hayden’s journey to Geekdom began in engineering with highlights that included working on the Aston Martin DB7, which in our view makes him part James Bond – Double Oh – 3.5! His 20+ years of senior sales experience ranges from running hugely successful bars to being responsible for growing business into new markets including selling parts into the military (for Challenger Tanks) and for Ocado’s Autobots! So if you want help in turning your business into a high-performance machine, finely tuned for its environment, then Hayden is definitely the man for you. Away from work, Hayden has hung up his football boots and now spends his time watching his daughter tread the boards at the Wakefield Royal Theatre.

Geek Value: Get **it Done

Graeme Murray

Sales Geek (Liverpool)

Graeme has over 20 years of sales leadership experience, mainly in the environmental compliance sector, where he has lead sales teams at a local, national, and international scale. He has worked at a senior level in large corporate environments and as a Sales Director for SMEs. Indeed, one of his accomplishments was being part of the leadership team in the integration of 6 disparate SMEs into one national organisation as part of a strategic M&A. Latterly, Graeme brought Sales Geek in to work with his previous company and like a latter-day Victor Kiam he, “liked us so much he bought the company” or at least Sales Geek Liverpool! Away from work he has 11-year-old twins that keep him on his toes whilst he chases elusive road running personal bests and the odd ultra-marathon.

Geek Value: Geeks get s*** done!

Ryan McAnlis

Sales Geek (Northern Ireland)

Ryan has 20 years IT sales leadership experience. He has worked for global companies such as Cisco where he led Commercial Sales. Ryan’s great strength is leading start-ups, driving their growth, and helping them scale. He has led businesses through multiple rounds of early-stage investment, growth, and acquisition. Most recently he crossed the table as a venture capital investor NED and advisor into tech start-ups. In his youth Ryan was a successful competitive sailor, winning multiple Irish Championships and representing Ireland on the international stage. So, if you want someone who can put some wind in the sails of your business and help you navigate the rough seas of growth and investment, Ryan is your man – you’ll like the cut of his jib!

Geek Value: Change the world!

Jim Irving

Sales Geek (Northern Ireland)

Here are the brief highlights of Jim’s career ▸ 46 years in Sales and leadership ▸ 30-year corporate career, including Silicon Graphics – he has worked across the world ▸ UK MD for a New York company. ▸ Own consultancy for the last 16 years working with 50+ scaling/SME companies. ▸ Got an MBA at night school. ▸ A Fellow of the CIM & a Founding fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals. ▸ Author of 3 books, two of which won worldwide awards. ▸ Has managed and turned round 8 organisations. We can’t fit much more in this paragraph, we hope it speaks for itself – Geek is the word! Jim’s claim to fame is that whilst living in London he lived next door to and regularly chatted with a lovely young lady until she moved to the USA to star in a little-known ‘independent’ film. He realised later the film was Grease and that lovely young lady? Olivia Newton-John!

Geek Value: Get **it Done!

Neonain is our Sales Geek in Edinburgh

Neonain Walsh

Sales Geek (Edinburgh)

Neonain is an expert in human behaviour and psychology. As a Board director for one of the fastest growing global franchise businesses, Neonain has headed up multiple departments across the last 10 years, including franchise sales, marketing, and global business support, and she is a particular geek when it comes to CRM and digital learning & development. Known as Noni to her friends, Neonain’s unusual name means “daisy” in Gaelic. Growing up between Northern Ireland and Scotland, her life experiences could come straight from a modern-day James Joyce novel. From living in a caravan on the beach in the Scottish Highlands and Islands and being a lead singer in a Grunge band, to a professional podium dancer on the 90’s rave scene and building her own business, Noni has a life well lived and unparalleled experiences to feed directly into your business. So if your business is in a twist give Noni a shout and you can follow her lead to business Nirvana!

Geek Value: Geeks make it fun!


Adam Holt is our Sales Geek in Edinburgh

Adam Holt

Sales Geek (Edinburgh)

Adam grew up in Northern Ireland and belying his age, moved back and forth across the Irish Sea in the 80s. Finally settling in Edinburgh in 2001, he has spent much of his life in Tech sales, working in multiple senior roles, including heading up the Northern European retail division at Ingenico – the market leader in payment terminals & cloud-based payments. Latterly, he has been a Geek in all but name, bringing his considerable expertise to support a series of businesses from start-ups, to scale-ups, to turnarounds, and beyond. Having lived by it for most of his life, Adam has always felt the call of the sea. His favourite hobby is coastal foraging, hunting for lobsters which he catches by hand without a pot in sight. He is also a fanatical golfer and an Ulster & Ireland rugby fan. So, if your business in Edinburgh is feeling the pinch in the current climate & looking to claw back profits then Adam is ideally plaiced to drive you forward, helping with conversions & so much more. You could say your business has found its lobster!

Geek Value: Geeks change the world!

Richard Padun

Sales Geek (SW London & North Surrey)

Richard is a self-confessed “Techie” which as a Geek is only one step down from a “Trekkie”. He has more than 20 years of experience working at senior levels in cutting-edge industries such as AI marketing, virtual & augmented reality, home automation and AV. However, Richard honed his sales skills in football when he initially worked for a coaching company in Maine & New Hampshire, USA before returning to the UK in a leading sales role for Fulham Football Club. Football is still in Richard’s blood and he regularly turns out on the right side of midfield for the Bank of England, in the Southern Amateur Football League. He is an outdoor cooking enthusiast and has learned the art from Marcus Bawdon. All this means that Richard is an ideal strategist and tactician. He will season your business with his extensive experience, turn the heat up on your sales revenue, tenderise your competition and assist you in achieving your business goals.

Geek Value: Change the World!




Ray Wheeler is Your Sales Geek in (Central & North Hertfordshire)

Ray Wheeler

Sales Geek (Central & North Hertfordshire)
Ray has spent his entire career in sales and has over 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles, including 4 years as vice president of sales at Sony. Much of his career has been spent in advertising sales, manufacturing and supply chain where he supported clients like the BBC, Universal Pictures and Sony Music. He has held senior commercial roles for 4 start-up businesses in Technology, Renewable Energy, Digital Media and SaaS, successfully taking them from scratch to market. Away from work, Ray loves most outdoor sports and challenges, from carp fishing and mountain biking to snowboarding and hiking. He recently climbed Kilimanjaro for charity & is planning a trip to summit Mont Blanc in 2024. So, there is no better person to help your business along the long walk to the summit of success than Ray.
Geek Value: Get **it Done!
Alex Morris is Your Sales Geek in Reading South)

Alex Morris

Sales Geek (Reading)

Alex is one of our younger Geeks but that doesn’t mean he is any less experienced. In leadership roles he has grown sales teams, including quadrupling the turnover of a software business, taking it from scale to sale aged 29, as MD. Alex is passionate about the psychology of sales and has always played an active role in training his successful sales teams.  Away from work, he is something of a renaissance man (though he wouldn’t tell you that himself); from Yoga and psychology to palaeontology and astrophysics, he loves to expand his universe. His two young children keep him on his toes, and he loves to take them out into nature. He describes himself as “Passionate, Energetic and Punctual!” So, if you want some PEP put into your business Alex is your man.
Geek Value: Get **it Done

Andrew Bracking

Sales Geek (Norwich)

Andrew has over 20 years of business leadership experience including senior leadership roles with brands such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and BMW MINI. At Toyota (GB) he worked directly on a range of several award-winning promotional campaigns with Saatchi & Saatchi. In his time Andrew has helped businesses with multi-million-pound losses turnaround to become highly profitable enterprises. Andrew has an adventurous spirit and loves walking, sailing, speed boats and cycling; although cycling doesn’t necessarily agree with him as he has had multiple accidents in his time. Despite this, his enthusiasm hasn’t been dampened and one of his great achievements is an impromptu bike ride with mates from London to Paris!! So if your business needs cranking up a gear and steering in the right direction Andrew is the man for you

Geek Value: Be Brave!

AJ Kang is your Sales Geek in the Waltham Abbey area

A J Kang

Sales Geek (Waltham Abbey)

AJ has worked in sales since he was 15 years old, starting his career in an Italian menswear shop. Some say that sense of style has never left him, despite some dubious early fashion choices! Twenty-plus years in sales including latterly at Amazon Web Service has given AJ a broad knowledge base, including deep insights gained from training global organisations such as NATO, the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Speaking of which, AJ saw the last-ever Oasis gig that included Liam and Noel in the lineup and not even his time working with the IAEA could prevent the fallout from that!
AJ loves practicing yoga and going to the gym, so is perfectly placed to make sure your business is flexible and agile enough to navigate the modern business world.

Geek Value: Get **it Done

David (Kav) Kavanagh

Sales Geek (Swindon & Bath)

Kav spent most of his 25 selling years helping global financial institutions solve challenges around customer relationship management, cyber security and data management. He lives smack bang in the middle of Wiltshire with Cathy, his wife of 36 years. The household is a bit of a menagerie with 4 horses, 3 dogs and a cat. Outside of work, Kav spends most of his time outdoors, cycling and tending to the paddocks. He’s also a keen pilot. If the weather gods are smiling, you’ll find him flying to an airfield somewhere looking for the ultimate sausage and bacon sandwich (brown toasted bread, plenty of butter, HP Sauce and black pepper). He loves his music and he’s a wannabe drummer. When he was in the RAF, he went to the North Pole (it was in a Nimrod aircraft at 250 feet but still feels it a valid claim). So if your business is looking to take off and in need of some added sauce then Kav is your man!

Geek Value: Get **it done.

Davie Sneddon

Sales Geek (Glasgow East)

Davie has spent over 25 years in sales management and leadership, most recently running his own business in the engineering sector. He is the ultimate Sales Geek and freely admits he’s been one, in all but name, all his working life. Now he get’s to wear the T-Shirt! Like many Geeks he has an amateur sporting background graduating from martial arts in his younger days to chasing a large egg around a field at a weekend. These days he’s traded the large egg for hitting a small egg with a stick in a hole! Away from sport, Davie is a proud family man, living in Eaglesham with his wife and two sons. So if your business needs to putt more into converting leads then Davie is the black-belt Sales Geek you need.

Geek Value – Geeks Care

Matthew Hill

Sales Geek (Stafford)

Matt began in sales age 15, starting as a Saturday boy in a high street menswear store. Following stints in high street retail, Area and Regional management roles for the Volkswagen Group and then running retail sites for Jaguar Land Rover, BMW & MINI retailer networks, he has spent a total of 25 years in senior management and leadership roles. Matt is well versed in both B2C and B2B environments and has been a hands-on Operational leader throughout his career, working alongside sales teams to drive performance across sales volume, profit and customer satisfaction metrics. Outside of work, Matt likes to concentrate his time in the kitchen cooking, tending his vegetable patch, watching grand tour cycling and supporting Stoke City FC. Married with two grown up daughters, 2 cats and 1 Grand-dog.

Value – Geeks are always learning.

Ian Taylor


Ian has over 30 years sales experience, starting out in his Dad’s bakery back in the 1980s. After gaining a degree in Management & Economics, Ian founded a corporate events and engagement company, with a Prince’s trust loan of £3000, which he grew to a multi-million pound business, where in his role of sales leader his clients included Virgin Media, Amazon, Rolls Royce & Adidas amongst many others. Latterly, Ian has been coaching and mentoring SME business leaders across all sectors, a perfect lead in being a Geek. Ian has written a book on public speaking, is teaching himself the piano and once ran the London Marathon dressed as a lime. So if you are looking to squeeze extra juice from your business and hit all the right notes in your growth then Ian and Sales Geek are pro’s(e).

Geek Value: Geeks Get **it Done!

Our Values

What does it mean to be a Sales Geek? What can you expect when you work with us? SalesGeek© has a very clear strand of DNA that runs through all of us, which all adds together to form the anatomy of a Geek.


Compassion starts at home. Being a Geek is belonging to a tribe. We look out for each other and that attitude transfers to our clients.


Geeks speak up for what’s right rather than what’s easy. We are committed to a high standard of personal conduct and have the courage to make tough decisions.


If we aren’t having fun doing it then why bother? Geeks strive to transfer that innate sense of fun to our guests, clients and Geekophiles.


Procrastination is the thief of time. Time is our most precious asset, why waste it? Geeks commit to something, then do it.


A Geek is never comfortable. We are genuinely excited to learn new stuff and adapt and thrive within an ever changing world.


Our company was founded with the mission to: "change the way the world perceives sales". That mission has not faltered and each Geek has a contribution to make in realising it.


The Geek Bunker is our home. It’s where we come to recharge our geekiness!

You can now find us at:

One Cathedral Square,

Cathedral Quarter,

Blackburn, BB1 1FB

If you are visiting we have a great space for training with plenty of break-out spaces, secluded meeting rooms and our own Geeky media room!

We can’t wait for your visit just as soon as you can!🤓

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Our top tips on how to be a good sales manager

There are a lot of tips on how to be a good sales manager which can help you improve in your role. Improving your own skills is the best way to help your team to gain better results, so it is important to continue your own learning and development. Read on to find out our…
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