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Freedom! Become your own boss, work how you want to work, use your knowledge and skills for good and flourish because of it. Becoming a Sales Geek is not just the road to autonomy and independence it is the freedom to be who you want to be!

You’ve probably earned your bosses and the organisations you’ve worked for, millions of pounds over the years. And nothing they have paid you has ever reflected the hours you have put in or the value you added. That changes the minute you become a Sales Geek. You are free to work as much or as little as you want and your earning potential reflects that. If you just want to work a couple of days a month with an exclusive group of clients, then great. If you want to continue to put in 40 hours a week then your earnings will reflect that. It’s your business.

During your time you have built up a wealth of sales knowledge and let’s face it, most of that is going to waste! Sales Geek gives you the chance to use your sales skills and knowledge to genuinely help small businesses, nurturing their growth and success. You will truly make a difference for your clients, every day.

You are great at what you do. You’ve been doing it for longer than you care to mention. But if you start out on your own, you are starting from ground zero! No-one knows you & how great you are. How long before you build your reputation? 12 months? 2 years? More? With Sales Geek you have the backing of a respected brand and a ready made reputation from day one!

ditch what you don't...

We don’t need to go into detail, you know exactly what we mean. You deserve less of it in your life!

As a Sales Geek you are your own boss. If you love the bureaucracy then it is, as they say, “your party”. Our hunch is you are going to want to cut all that stuff out. Go right ahead!

You’re great at your job, you’ve been doing it forever, you need a refresh! At Sales Geek there are no ruts to get stuck in. Your client base can be as diversified as you want. One day you can be supporting a digital marketing agency the next a local Widget maker and the next a FTSE 100. As a Sales Geek you ARE the difference maker, it will never be boring!

Pressure is a funny thing! We guess that at some time or another you have felt it right there in your gut and not in a good way! Trust us at HQ we have been there. Sales Geek can free you from that nonsense. The pressure you have will come from within, your desire to support and get results for your clients, your desire to grow your own business. That’s the sort of pressure that is a lot easier to control in a positive way!

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