Freedom and success.


Why you should consider a Sales Geek Franchise?

We have amazing opportunities in the UK, US and Australia for:

  • Your Sales Director™
  • Your Sales Trainer™
  • Master Franchise Licences (International)

The Your Sales Director™, and Your Sales Trainer™ franchise from Sales Geek© enables and empowers you to build a fabulous, and powerful business servicing the business community within your chosen area and beyond. The earning potential in year 1 is well over £90k and year 2 onwards is c£230-£270k per annum, just by yourself and without expansion. The numbers get bigger from there if you start to expand your business.

The work you do with your customers will transform their sales operations, the people within it, and those behind it. Through Sales Geek’s proven methodologies and frameworks, you will have access to all the tools and systems needed to build a successful business as either a ‘Part Time Sales Director’, or ‘World Class Sales Trainer’. Whichever path you chose with Sales Geek, you are at the helm of your own business and master of your own destiny and success.

The opportunity has never been so great!

In the UK alone, there are 5.5m small businesses with 1-49 employees, and over 36,000 businesses with 50+ employees. 96% of the 1-49 employee range businesses have either no Sales Director or Sales Manager, or cannot afford one to steer and assist them with the critical aspects of scaling their growth. And for 98% of all businesses, there are no dedicated programmes for Sales Training and support for their staff!

What happens when Sales Geek get involved with a client?

Our superior methodologies and approaches deliver tangible ROI direct to customers bottom line, improving their people, processes and practices to be the best they can be for their business venture.

With a Sales Geek Franchise you can:

Keep what you love
  • Independence
  • Financial freedom
  • Making a difference
  • A great reputation
  • Focus on what’s important to you
Ditch what you don’t
  • No Bulls**it and politics
  • No Red tape
  • No Boredom
  • No Pressure

Delivering from 500% – 5000% ROI for clients

Best in class methodologies and practices

Multi award winning

Own your own Business


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