1 Simple Thing You Can Do Today To Close More Business!

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You don’t just have to be a sales person to benefit

from this one but it is something that people find hard to do.
It’s the key to unlocking so much:
More salesPay riseBetter jobAdvice from a valued business mentorMarriageAlmost anything in life
You’ve probably got it by now but the best and most simple way to close more business and get more of what you want in life is…
To ASK for it!
It really is that simple yet people find it so hard.
We feel like in a perfect world we would hint enough at a desired outcome and the other person will guess at what we want and give it to us.
The bizarre thing in all this is I observe my 4 year old son who asks for things relentlessly, along with most other kids his age. He is fearless, gets as many no’s as yes’s if not more but it still doesn’t deter him. If something comes to mind no matter how simple or imaginative he just spits it out and asks for it. Most kids do, I’m forever hearing parents of children all ages saying “no” but it doesn’t stop them from asking.
Where did it all go wrong?
So, the question is at what point in our life’s do we get conditioned out of wanting to ask for what we want? At what point in our development do we start to fear asking? The same can be asked of the reasons we stop asking “why” so inquisitively but I will leave that for another blog…
Sales and business is a place where you are, in theory, always wanting an opportunity from someone. Or wanting revenue/money for something but how many people actually ask for what they want? Charities get because they ask, they ask becasue they believe in their cause. I recently posted a video blog about the old sales cliché of A.B.C, (Always Be Closing) where I talked about the old school approach to sales. I have a few people get in touch off the back enquiring about how to close a sale and its simple…. You ask for it but only when the time is right.
I have witnessed so many sales people do lots of hard work and perfectly execute 99% of their sales process, but failed to ask for the opportunity. They in turn lost out to someone else who probably did.
“Its rude to ask”
Probably a phrase we have all come across in our formative years but it’s one that I disagree with. There is nothing rude in asking. only perceived rudeness in how you ask and here in lays the skill. It’s not asking that’s the issue it’s how you ask. In fact, as someone who for years has been sold to as much as I have sold. I find it awkward and rude if people don’t ask me for my business. Do they not want it? Is it not good enough for them? Its as though you have to ask to buy it rather than be asked if you would like to buy it.
How to ask
It’s simple, we all know how manners work….. Ask yourself how you would want to be asked in the same situation and throw it out there:
“I would love the opportunity to work with you on this……. Can I have the opportunity to prove myself and my business?”
“You clearly love everything I have showed you about ‘X-widget’, would you like to buy one?
As a self-confessed sales geek and the founder of a business under that name I am always on the lookout for how successful people achieve and do great things in their own environment. Two weeks ago I saw a great example of a brilliant ‘ask’. I was out for dinner with my family when the waiter took our food order. At the point where most waiters ask the out of courtesy “would you like anything else”. Which 99 times out of 100 gets a “no thanks” he came out with a brilliant line…… “Okay, so I’ve got everything. By the way the new garlic bread with parmesan is amazing. It’s a personal favourite of mine and most of our regulars, would you like me to add some to your order?” he was met with a very warm “Yes, sounds amazing!”
I later enquired and it turns out he was the owner’s son. Some people may look at that and say well done on getting another £5 in revenue from the customer. Yet as a customer I was delighted he had given me the opportunity to try this amazing garlic bread.
You see, there is value for people to buy from you it’s not a one-way transaction. Every customer should and will get something in return so if you believe in your product be brave and ask.
What’s the worst that can happen?
They say no. There you have it! That’s the worst that can happen, the other human being who you politely asked will politely say no. Big deal!
The great news about getting a no is that you got a no. Sales people up and down the country lose business because they never get an answer. They keep following up with no response until they give up and never find out why.
A “No” is great, because people will usually want to justify it and give you a reason why. That reason why, will tell you exactly what you need to do to turn the no around. Now I don’t live in LaLa land where every objection can be turned around. So I will tell you this, every no you can’t turn around is great intelligence for your business. It will tell you about where you and your product sit in the market. All those no’s should go back in to the pot to help shape future products and services.
So, there we have it
Quite simply if you don’t ask for what you want then you are less likely to get it.
Whether you ask and get a no or whether you don’t ask at all the outcome is likely the same.
Happy asking!