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Sales Geek Cheshire East provide two main services.

  1. ‘YOUR SALES DIRECTOR’ is an outsourced, interim Sales Director service for businesses in the Cheshire area.It is aimed at companies who are in the position where they need top level sales leadership to realise sales and revenue growth but are not yet able to commit to hiring a full-time sales director.  ‘Your Sales Director’ fills that gap.
  2. ‘YOUR SALES TRAINER’ offers industry leading, tailored, blended sales training.

It is aimed at businesses who have sales teams or teams that perform sales as part of their role in Cheshire.  Through our training we empower sales teams to grow the businesses they work for.  It gives them the skills they need to create and nurture long lasting relationships with their customers.

We are highly experienced across all sales functions, business development and commercial operations.  We specialise in scaling businesses by increasing market share, revenue and profit.  We do this by defining a long-, mid- and short-term sales strategy and work with business owners to complete the actions required to achieve the financial milestones.

Our colleagues and references would describe us as honest, driven, ambitious, dynamic sales professionals with a proven track record.

Our management style is hands on, focused on the culture and people in the business to drive growth and results.

Sales Highlights:

  • Helped UK arm of a global company achieve sales growth of 1000%.
  • Scaled a business from 7 to 25 locations – implemented sales strategy, hired, trained and coached the sales teams.
  • Re-structured an organisation to deliver a 5X sales growth.
  • Designed and implemented the sales strategy and restructured sales team to deliver 25% growth in 12 months.
  • Defined opportunities and actions that helped increase turnover by 20% for the European arm of a global software company.

Your Sales Director Activities:

  • Detailed discovery sessions, getting under the skin of your business. We look at where you’ve come from and where you are going, the financials, the people, the processes, sales pipeline and route to market.
  • Define the challenges and what success looks like.
  • Build out a sales plan and strategy, and define the actions needed to hit the goals.
  • Build sales targets, key performance indicators and pay plans to drive performance and ensure the business and salespeople’s goals are aligned.
  • Identify opportunities with current customers and put actions in place to generate more inbound and outbound leads.
  • Work on the culture of the business ensuring it is a inclusive, positive place to work where the team are given the space and coaching to grow.


Your Sales Trainer Activities:

  • Skills Gap Analysis and Team Sales Training surveys are carried out to ensure all training delivered is relevent and tailored to the specific needs of the business and people in it.
  • Training delivered in person at a client’s premises or Sales Geek Cheshire East’s office in Nantwich. Online Zoom training is also available.
  • Work with real time situations, issues and real time deals to develop sales staff in to lean, mean sales machines.
  • In person training backed up with a digital platform so learning can be embedded at a time and place to suit the trainees.

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