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Sales Geek Coventry & Warwickshire is a Part time Sales Director solution for businesses who want to benefit from years of experience but may not yet be ready to commit to recruiting a sales director full time, have a specific project in mind with the focus of increasing sales and revenue or having someone experienced and skilled in your business driving the sales for you.

We are highly experienced across all Sales functions, Business Development and Commercial Operations with achievement in increasing and exceeding sales profits, driving growth, team management, and market share.

Our management style is down-to-earth, brave, diplomatic, hands-on, and is focussed upon adding value to company culture, and ultimately results.

Sales Highlights:

  • Roll out and aggressive growth of solutions to a large UK Franchise network, seeing revenue growth of over 300% in 2 years.
  • Selection, implementation and adoption of large-scale CRM solution into a Blue Chip organisation.
  • Design and setup to launch and then effectiveness of a pan-European Inside Sales Organisation.
  • Managing the cultural shift and change-management needed to enable effective integration of a huge multi-national acquisition.
  • Implementation of Customer on-boarding team and process to support aggressive overperformance of targets for a large multi-national business.
  • Enabled several small start-ups to become international players, smoothly moving them from the kitchen to dedicated distribution centres
  • Focussed repositioning of a nationwide UK business’ strategy focussing upon revenue quality over aggressive growth to support overall objectives
What Sales Geek Coventry & Warwickshire can do for you:

Creating new revenue streams: Looking specifically into new market verticals or sales platforms for your business. Detailed reviews of marketed value proposition, pricing margins, new product launches, sales targets, commissions and growth/loyalty schemes.

Qualification Process, Client Matrix, Competitor understanding and analysis:   This can create a real focus and understanding your key clients and key markets. Identifying strengths and driving significant improvement in conversion rates. We can implement a customised tool for your business to show you your ideal client to engage with instead of the ‘hit & miss’ of Cold Calling.

Skills Gap Analysis, Sales Training: A deep dive from the bottom up, focussing on any skills-gaps for your sales team highlighting potential improvements in areas such as objection handling, closing the deal, prospecting, negotiation, and networking.

Detailed numerical reviews: A deep dive into understanding the companies’ sales numbers aligning with P&L expectations. Accurately forecasting and understanding the sales plan and performance, the sales pipeline, and enabling accuracy for business forecasting.

Understanding how to build value and return on Investment:

Establishing what areas of success are, what elements make up this success and replication of those factors to improve efficiency and effectiveness from the sales pipeline

Nurture and build winning Sales foundations:   We have success in mentoring, developing and evolving sales teams focusing on culture, good sales practice and best performing sales skills. We get involved in the recruitment and interview process and  help you build a first-class sales infrastructure for your business.

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