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Why choose Your Sales Director™?​

When you sign up to Your Sales Director™ Sales Geek will provide your business with:

  • The best sales talent at an affordable rate.
  • Experienced Sales Leadership – (The Geek Team has over 100 years collective sales leadership experience).
  • None of the on-costs normally associated with internal hires, no PAYE, no pensions, no company car, no health care, just one hundred percent focus on your business.
  • An interim solution for your sales leadership including help to find your ideal candidate at the right time
  • More than just sales support.
  • A skilled and experienced addition to your management team, providing insight and learning on more than just sales
  • A leader to bring your sales operation and teams into focus to deliver growth and revenue.
  • Someone to help hold you accountable.

Outsourced Sales Director

driving revenue growth for your business without breaking the P&L

Hiring a sales director is a big deal for any company. If you are a small or medium sized business, it is critical that you get it right.

A Sales Director should become the driving force in your business for years to come. But there are some formidable challenges in the hiring process.

A Sales Director’s salary can be prohibitive, particularly if you want the very best sales leaders with significant experience and a great track record in sales growth.

In sales, the cream almost always rises to the top and in return, the very best in the sales profession get heavily rewarded. Usually the most talented sales professionals end up in large corporate organisations, typically being paid a salary beyond the reach of most businesses.

It seems the best sales talent is almost always out of reach. But not any longer!

Your Sales Director™ from Sales Geek© provides your business with top level sales leadership on an interim basis that won’t break your P&L.

The work we do will transform your sales operations and the people within it and behind it. Through our flexible – ‘consume what you need’ – model, you will have access to a leading sales director/business leader from within their field and access to all the Geeks in the background who are all available to support you and your business in various disciplines, from people training to e-Commerce, Marketing, Strategy, Process and Development and beyond.

For most businesses that usually means 1-3 days per month. For others we could be working with you once a week or more. A typical contract length is 6-12 months but we will be in your corner for as long as it takes for you to hire that full-time sales leader that you can afford and is the perfect fit for your business in the long term. We will even help you recruit that person leveraging our existing contacts and inside knowledge.

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