Sales Geek Academy Pro

£3,500.00 + VAT


So, you’ve been around the block eh! Closed some cool stuff in the past, know your sales skills, awesome at prospecting, running a cool business, ready for the next step and want to tackle those bigger more complex deals?

If that is you, then Academy Pro is where it’s at for your next step in career and personal development.

Sales Geek Academy Pro taps into the experience and learning from our top specialists in their field, Geeks who have developed some of the worlds best sales strategies for the worlds biggest companies.

This modular course will take you on the ultimate sales experience. Learning everything from the psychological impacts of buyer behaviour and why we do what we do, all the way to the best negotiations course on the market today.

This course is based on experiential learning:

You’ll map your learning to real deals live in your portfolio now, including scoping people behaviour models and negotiation strategies.

Every session is designed to level-up your skills so that you give yourself and your business the maximum chance of success. You’ll have homework and mentoring between stages using the latest thinking and methodologies designed to cut straight to the chase, the deal!


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