Social Selling Video Challenge

  • Start with brand for your social selling…
  • Secret Geek’s guide to social selling
  • Seven saucy social selling secrets
  • 1.75 social selling learning hours

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Learn How To Use Social Selling to Grow Your Business

Sales Geek are social selling experts who can show you how to use social media to rocket fuel your company and take your sales through social to the next level.

This Social Selling Course has been designed to help sales professionals from all across the world learn how to harness the power of Linkedin.

If used correctly, social selling through Linkedin can be one of the biggest social selling tools in your sales arsenal. With over 660 million active users, 61 million active decision makers and a database that is targeted to get to 3 billion by 2022, Linkedin is a sales tool that you cannot afford to miss out on.

What you’ll learn;

• How to leverage this amazing social selling tool to start more sales conversations.
• Learn how you can convert your profile in to a lead magnet
• How to find, approach and engage your new and existing connections through social selling.
• The social selling secrets that we have used to grow our revenue streams by over 180%
• Discover how to create lead magnets and gain inbound enquiries via social selling
• The social selling secrets to creating engaging content

If you are looking to quickly raise your knowledge of how to use social selling to get more leads and grow your business then buy this course today.

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Account Management 2.0

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Buyer Behaviour – Knowing how and why buyers tick

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Building your sales engine – The core requirements of a functional sales operation

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Products, services & brand – Standing out in the crowd!

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Negotiation – Developing pragmatic win-win scenarios

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The Sales Pitch – Talking sales language

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Social Selling – Using social media to best effect

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Objections & Challenges – Sales psychology 101

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Leadership & Coaching – Coaching the client, not just your team

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Telling Stories – How to develop engaging meetings

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First Impressions

  • Communication techniques
  • Find your Geeky voice
  • How to build rapport quickly
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Prospecting 101

  • 3 different types of prospectors
  • Your customers know who to call
  • Never make a cold call again
  • 1.5 learning hours training
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Finding Your Ideal Clients

  • Your position in the market
  • How to target your ideal client​
  • Qualify your pipeline like a Geek
  • 1.5 learning hours
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Creating Value

  • Add a dose of Geek value
  • The benefits of features
  • The six Geeky secrets of persuasion
  • 1.5 learning hours
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Questions = Customers

  • Identifying & using different questions
  • Capture those buying signals
  • Move things along like a Geek
  • 1.5 learning hours
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Overcoming Objections

  • Learn to love objections
  • Identify buying signals
  • Defuse & disarm like a Geek
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Closing The Sale

  • Four Geeky ways to close
  • How to close with confidence
  • Upselling the Geek way
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Linkedin Social Selling

  • Use Linkedin like a Geek
  • How to build your personal brand
  • Generate 2-3 quality leads per day
  • 2.5 learning hours
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