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Sales Geek Manchester is a Part time sales director service for businesses who either can’t afford a sales director full time, have a specific project in mind with the focus of increasing sales and revenue or having someone experienced and skilled in your business physically driving the sales for you.

We highly experienced across all Sales functions, Business Development and Commercial Operations with achievements increasing and exceeding sales profits, driving growth, team management, and market share.

Resourceful by nature our colleagues and references would describe us as a positive, honest, driven, ambitious, dynamic business professionals with a proven record.

Our management style is down-to-earth, naturally Promoting, diplomatic, hands-on, focused on added value, company culture, and ultimately results.

Sales Highlights:

  • A Sales Geek client who after a proper focus on a new route to market and new product achieved more sales in November 2021 in that month alone vs the whole of the previous year.
  • A new Qualification process for a large construction company meant that conversion rates for new projects secured increased by mor than 30%.
  • Grew North & West turnover with a large Plc from £1.2M – £4.5+M.
  • Set up a Northern infrastructure and specification team for a large product lead company.
  • Grew a partner network for an international manufacturer from £0 – £2.9M + T/o in the first 12 months.
  • Streamlined a London based companies’ sales strategy, qualified, sourced and recruited a European Sales Director with a network of distributors, agents and 3 direct reports achieving 155% of target in the EU and 102% in the UK.
  • Created a strategy for RoW markets for an SME based in Leeds, recruited an International Sales Director and distribution network across EMEA, APAC & South America achieving 177% of target.
  • Grew a new start-up businesses Sales team from 2 to 18 Salespeople across 4 main regions and 3 different routes to market in 10 months.
  • Successfully launched a new retrial lifestyle brand into market as well as successfully leading the company in bringing the design and product manufacture of 10 new products.
Some of the common things you might find your sales director doing might include:

Creating new revenue streams, this might be looking specifically into new market verticals or sales platforms, this might also be setting up a new distribution network across your region and everything that goes along with that such as pricing margins, new product propositions, sales targets, dealer commissions and growth/loyalty schemes.

Qualification Process, Client Matrix, Competitor understanding and analysis, this can create a real focus and understanding your key clients and key markets, we have had success in improving conversion rates by more than 4 times over, imagine if you knew that you had a 90% chance of closing the deal with a new prospect because you had a solid qualification system in place. Imagine you had a customised tool for your business to show you your ideal client to Engauge with rather than the headache of cold calling with not many results.

Skills Gap analysis, Sales Training A unique view and deep dive from the bottom up focusing on any shortfalls in your sales team highlighting common gaps such as objection handling, closing the deal, prospecting, negotiation, and networking.

The numbers, Pipeline, Actuals, Forecast, Creation and understanding of the companies’ sales numbers aligning with P&L expectations accurately forecasting and understanding the sales numbers, the sales pipeline, and the actual sales number and how to turn the dials to fill any sales shortfall making sure the company is profitable and has health margins.

Prospecting, Buyer profiling and pitching. One of my favourite subjects is understanding different buyer types and how to appeal to each unique profile, how to influence decision makers and score highly on their buying matrix giving yourself a high chance of converting the sale.

Understanding how to build value and return on Investment, there are many reasons why someone might buy something and many reason why we might make a sale or not and further understanding these reasons and how to use them to build value with your client will help you grow your revenue

Nurture and build a winning Sales infrastructure, on many occasions we have great success in mentoring, developing and evolving sales teams focusing on culture, good sales practice and best performing sales skills. We can get involved in the recruitment and interview process as well and really help you build a first-class sales infrastructure for your business.

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