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Chief Geek & Founder Richard Few

Here at Sales Geek, we love sales, but we are tired of it being known as a “dirty word” and want to change that perception. We believe a good sales education is a right, not a privilege and our whole training offering is geared toward training being accessible to everyone in whatever way best suits them. All our training has gone through a rigorous process to be endorsed by the Institute of Sales Professionals so you can be sure of its quality and impact. We believe that top-level sales leadership is transformational for businesses and that it should be accessible for businesses of all sizes not just a few multinationals and so our flagship Your Sales Director service is specifically aimed at driving the growth of small businesses. Our Sales Geeks are placed in local communities across the UK and beyond so you will always be dealing with a real person who can truly understand your situation and needs but who has the backing of 700-plus years of sales experience behind them from our whole Geeky network. Please have a look at our products to find something that fits what you are looking for or get in touch today for more information, we are happy to help.


We have a wide range of professional training and development services that will help you grow your business. All our training is endorsed by the Institute of Sales Professionals.


Your Sales Director

  • Industry leading Sales Director to lead you/your teams
  • Sales Function/process Optimisation
  • Sales director on part time basis
  • Pay only for what you use
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Your Sales Trainer

  • Industry Leading Blended Learning Approach
  • ISP Approved and Audited Materials
  • Skills Gap Analysis and Team Audit
  • Unique Digital and Physical Learning Resources
  • Over 15,000 Pupils
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Your Sales Consultant

  • Defined 12-60 month Strategic Plan
  • Business process/system optimisation
  • Full Go To Market strategy
  • Product and Proposition Development
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Your Sales Leadership & Development

  • Personal development programme
  • Developing your management and leadership skills
  • Understanding and developing your team
  • Bespoke solutions to match your needs
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Open Courses

  • Ideal for businesses owners and sales people
  • Facilitated course in your local area by an industry expert
  • Usable tool kits to take away and apply to your workspace
  • Peer to peer learning
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Online Training

We have specialist online training that gives you and your sales team access to hundreds of sales videos, podcasts and learning resources that can be accessed either through our Free App or our more comprehensive Sales Geek Academy, perfect for businesses with growing sales teams.


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