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With over 35 years sales experience, the past 20 of which in senior leadership roles across sales operations and business management, we can offer in depth knowledge and perspective to both B2B and B2C organisations. Now offering outsourced sales leadership, training and mentoring programs to SME’s across the county, Sales Geek Staffordshire is on hand to help you take your business and ambitions to the next level.

Here at Sales Geek Staffordshire, we offer our clients 3 core services


When you sign up to Your Sales Director™ Sales Geek will provide your business with:

  • The best sales talent at an affordable rate.
  • Experienced Sales Leadership – (The Geek Team has over 700 years collective sales leadership experience).
  • None of the on-costs normally associated with internal hires, no PAYE, no pensions, no company car, no health care, just one hundred percent focus on your business.
  • An interim solution for your sales leadership including help to find your ideal candidate at the right time
  • More than just sales support.
  • A skilled and experienced addition to your management team, providing insight and learning on more than just sales
  • A leader to bring your sales operation and teams into focus to deliver growth and revenue.
  • Someone to help hold you accountable.

Your Sales Director™ from Sales Geek© provides your business with top level sales leadership on an interim basis that won’t break your P&L.

The work we do will transform your sales operations and the people within it and behind it. Through our flexible – ‘consume what you need’ – model, you will have access to a leading sales director/business leader from within their field and access to all the Geeks in the background who are all available to support you and your business in various disciplines, from people training to e-Commerce, Marketing, Strategy, Process and Development and beyond.

For most businesses that usually means 1-3 days per month. For others we could be working with you once a week or more. A typical contract length is 6-12 months but we will be in your corner for as long as it takes for you to hire that full-time sales leader that you can afford and is the perfect fit for your business in the long term. We will even help you recruit that person leveraging our existing contacts and inside knowledge.


When you sign up to our Sales Training then Sales Geek will provide your business with:

  • ISP Endorsed Sales Training and Audited Sales Training Materials
  • Industry Leading Blended Sales Training Approach
  • Skills Gap Analysis and Team Sales Training Audit
  • Unique Digital and Physical Sales Training Learning Resources
  • Over 15,000 People have benefitted from our Sales Training

How do you know the sales training is going to be any good? It’s a reasonable question. You need a return on your investment. When it comes to Sales Training most people have 2 crucial questions.

  • Will the sales training distract us from our core function of actually selling our product/service?
  • How do I know if the sales training is going to be any good?

Will the sales training distract us from our core function of actually selling our product/service? Don’t worry. We have a cunning Geeky plan. The way we work with all our training and the reason that our learning points gain real traction in people’s minds is because we work with real live situations, real time issues, real time deals.

All our training is endorsed by the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP) a Government-backed professional body dedicated to elevating the sales profession globally. That means we must meet rigorous standards with the sales training we provide and the materials we use. It also means we can issue CPD points for all the sales training you and your teams undertake.


An opportunity to work in a structured programme with Sales Geek mentors with a wealth of sales leadership & experience. The value of good sales leadership cannot be overstated. Leadership is usually the cornerstone of high-performing sales teams. In fact the lack of investment in leaders can have a profound impact on sales. Poorly led teams usually deliver poorer results. It’s never been more critical to invest in the next generation of leaders in your business and give them the skills and tools they need to flourish. Your Sales Mentor is the perfect place to start.

What’s included

  • Personal Profile Analysis – as accredited DISC providers we can help you SLT understand themselves, their colleagues and their customers better through behavioural and motivational analysis
  • Regular updates with a Coaching Development Journal
  • Utilisation of a structure and strategy scorecard
  • 1-1 mentoring and coaching to get the best results out of the individual
  • Implementation of a feedback development plan through use of 180 and 360 development tools

Sales Geek believe that mentorship is a transformative force in the world of sales leadership, providing invaluable guidance and support, propelling individuals to reach their full potential. Our “Your Sales Mentor” structured programme enables us to truly get to know each individual in your organisation and what makes them tick, before we put the tools in place that can drive individual and collective development and measure progress.

With high levels of experience in strategic planning, operational excellence and an in depth knowledge of the sales process, Sales Geek Staffordshire can help you to meet your growth and revenue targets for a fraction of the cost of a full time Sales Director, and when the time comes we can help you to find the right person to take on that role with our contacts and knowledge across a multitude of industries.

Matt began in sales age 15, starting as a Saturday boy in a high street menswear store. Following stints in high street retail, Area and Regional management roles for the Volkswagen Group and then running retail sites for Jaguar Land Rover, BMW & MINI retailer networks, he has spent a total of 25 years in senior management and leadership roles. Matt is well versed in both B2C and B2B environments and has been a hands-on Operational leader throughout his career, working alongside sales teams to drive performance across sales volume, profit and customer satisfaction metrics. Outside of work, Matt likes to concentrate his time in the kitchen cooking, tending his vegetable patch, watching grand tour cycling and supporting Stoke City FC. Married with two grown up daughters, 2 cats and 1 Grand-dog.

Value – Geeks are always learning.

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