In March this year (it seems so long ago, already), Melanie Horrocks took her life in her hands, entered the Geek Bunker and joined the team as Learning and Development Geek. With over 15 years of sales experience in a variety of roles, she was keen for a new challenge. Sales Geek had always been on her radar, but when she attended a training course herself, it opened her eyes to the what training could be be when done right, in a word it was "fun".

Secret Geek’s Guide To Working From Home (Part I)

Six Top Tips To Creating a Geeky Bunker at Home So it's come to this. You are facing the prospect of working from home for the foreseeable future. How will...

Sales Geek Becomes an ISM Accredited Sales Training Centre

Sales Geek is now an ISM accredited training centre. First Accredited Training Centre Based in the North West. We are thrilled to announce that the Institute of Sales Management have...

Welcome to Sales Geek Academy 2020

Welcome to the Sales Geek Academy 2020. We believe a great sales education is a right, not a privilege, so we wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to understand sales the Geek way.