Where do you start when things things turn on a dime and the world as you know it stops?

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That’s the question we are all facing with our businesses this morning. So this is what we have done at Sales Geek and it feels right. We’ve gone back to our values and put them front and centre.

We start where we always start:

Geeks care

Over the last two days we’ve just checked in with our clients, seen if they are ok and how we can help. It’s good to talk and it’s even more valuable at the moment.

Geeks get sh*t done

There’s lots to talk about but lots more to DO. We have pivoted inside 2 days so we can now offer all our existing clients and new ones, tech based solutions whether that’s as a Sales Director or Sales Trainer. We are currently recording our Sales Geek Academy™ content so that it will be available online soon via our website. When all life advice on offer at the moment seems to say “retreat” it’s great to get on the front foot!

Secret Geek’s Guide To Working From Home

Geeks are always learning.

The great thing about tumult is that it forces us to be inventive, to try new things, to learn new skills. All Geeks are currently testing out Zoom, becoming experts at it, so our clients don’t have to. And all of a sudden, we have a Geeky new skill set! Hopefully, we will be Zooming into your office/study/kitchen/front room sometime soon with great Geeky sales support.

Geeks have fun.

We are lucky enough at Geek to be surrounded by great people that wholly embody our geeky values. And you know what? Finding out new stuff, working and supporting each other at difficult times is fun, it just is. We don’t want to be flippant about all this and we are certainly taken things seriously, but over the last few days we have not only taken comfort in our values, we have found a way forward too. Perhaps that’s the place to start for all of us?

Stay Geeky!

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