Sales Basecamp Course

If you are a salesperson with less than 2 years in the sales world, or a small business owner/entrepreneur on your own, trying to get your business going. Then the SalesGeek sales basecamp course is exactly for you.

Everything you will need to get your core sales skills up to scratch when it comes to qualifying, building a funnel, and running a sales engagement. Objection handling, closing, questioning and even a little bit of negotiation. Its all here in this essential facilitated course with your very own industry leading expert in the field of sales.

Learning Objectives:

• Getting to grips with basic sales process and methodologies. Setting up the funnel for maximum value
• Sales principles 101 – the art of sales language and controlling the sales engagement
• Goal and target setting – Building a pipeline that stands up to scrutiny
• Prospecting and lead generation – what and how to do it
• Needs analysis and positional selling – putting you and your products in first place
• Going past ‘No’ – the art of objection handling and the use of negotiation language in objections

By the end of the course, candidates will be able to:

• Develop and build a pipeline that can be measured and tracked against world class standards of integrity and discipline
• Build compelling proposals and lead generation campaigns designed to maximise value and reduce conversion ratios
• Be confident in the language, process and methodology skills needed to manage and maintain a growth sales approach

Key Facts

• Delivery Type – Zoom Call
• Course Duration – 6 weeks
• Lesson Length – 1.5 hours
• Total Lesson Time – 9 hours
• Cost – Was £498, now £97+VAT