Small Business Owners Course

If you are in sales, running a sales team or you are an entrepreneur/business owner running your own business, then building your online brand and presence, to generate sales leads and more importantly, sales is essential in todays modern world of business.

Building trust and credibility is key to driving profitable, long term engagements with new and existing clients. Social Media is the cornerstone to an effective sales and lead generation strategy and the use of the likes of LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Facebook are critical tools in your sales armoury.

As a small business in challenging times, your survival relies heavily on your ability to juggle multiple functions and resources

Learning Objectives:

• Goal setting and building a tactical and strategic plan – getting the business plan right
• Sales funnel and Go to Market planning – building the pipeline for sales execution
• P&L planning – building budget for growth and sustainability
• Who you are – getting your Brand, website and business model into the right position to deal with change and maximise todays opportunities based on current market trends
• Planning for an exit strategy
• Pricing and product development for today’s evolving markets
• People development – building a sales operation
• Marketing – building a marketing programme for optimal service delivery

By the end of the course, candidates will be able to:

• Develop a robust and diligenced 12 & 36 month operational sales plan that will clearly show sales metrics needed to hit monthly, quarterly and annual targets
• Build a tested Go to Market strategy for products and services
• Realign brand messaging to optimise for post Covid19 world
• Set the processes and functions in place to build and execute against a structures sales funnel

Key Facts

• Delivery Type – Zoom Call

• Course Duration – 6 weeks

• Lesson Length – 1.5 hours

• Total Lesson Time – 9 hours

• Cost – Was £1,595 now £447+VAT

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