sales skills gap analysis

Increase conversion rates with data on your department

Sales geek are delighted to announce that we are offering a free skills gap analysis, with all training programs confirmed before the end of April! – Usual Price £2495.00 + VAT

Help to increase conversion rates, deal values and repeat bookings by conducting a full skills audit on your sales team.  Our skills gap analysis will

  • Increase revenue and results by getting an in depth understanding of your sales teams current skillsets
  • Receive a summary of the areas of the process which is losing you deals!
  • Benchmark Your Teams Current Skills Gaps
  • Receive Reports On Individual Team Members
  • Drive revenue, by ensuring your sales training programme is tailored to your team and your challenges
  • Find out the areas your team lack confidence in and where they need support

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Once we have conducted the analysis, we will present back to you the findings and work with you to look at the strategic aims of the business and develop a plan to assist with developing any areas that are found within the analysis.  This ensures that any training delivered to you or the team, by Sales Geek, or internally, reflects the areas that your team need help with most.

The Sales Geek Skills Gap Analysis has been designed to help you identify your training needs for individuals, your sales team and your department as a whole.  It gives you a benchmark as to where your department currently stands in terms of skills, knowledge, attitudes, motivations and the areas you neeed to focus on to see greater sales results.

It should take no longer than 15 minutes for each member of the team to complete the information required.

Absolutely, we will spend 30 minutes with any stakeholders, prior to launching the skills gap analysis, to ensure the questionnaire reflects the areas you need to gather information on.