At SalesGeek© we believe a great sales education is a right, not a privilege, so we wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to begin understanding sales the Geek way!

During the Coronavirus crisis we are still able to deliver the Sales Geek Academy™ program remotely to sales teams.

As one of only 20 ISM accredited training centres across the globe the Sales Geek Academy™ gives you the best possible sales training from Team Geek, calling on over 100 years of collective experience.

Team Geek are all seasoned professionals in their field who have excelled at sales, sales management and leadership. But we’ve built the Sales Geek Academy™ to be the training we all needed when we were mini-geeks.

All sales geeks start somewhere! We all needed help and support to get going and the Academy will give you the boost you need to grow, not just your sales knowledge but your bottom line too.

Our modular approach takes you on a journey, that will build your confidence, capability and ultimately, your credibility, providing inspiration and enrolling you into an unmatched community of high performers.

By the time you graduate you will be equipped to lead and be able to provide huge amounts of value back to your organisation and clients.


The Sales Geek Academy™ is for:

  • Individual sales professionals wanting to supercharge sales skills
  • Small sales teams wanting to smash their targets and develop new professional skills
  • Small business owners that want to grow their skills and their business


We start at the beginning with 2 days to get acclimatised to what is to come. Base camp training covers the following baseline skills you need to be successful. Forget what you already know, these sessions will test your limits.

This training session covers the following learning points

  • Goals & accountability
  • First contact
  • Questioning
  • Active listening
  • Creating Value
  • Relating back
  • Objection handling
  • Closing
  • After Sales


We begin the ascent of Mount Sales as we train like sales assassins; precise but intuitive, strong but flexible. By the end of the day you will have the confidence and skill set to begin turning prospects into rock-solid leads.

This training session covers the following learning points

  • Pick Up The Phone
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Attitude/Motivation
  • Qualification
  • Rapport
  • Communication
  • Identifying needs
  • Buying signals


Day 4 is about uncovering the secrets to sales success using social media. It will help you build and develop a sales strategy that will see immediate returns. There is no doubt this is our most popular course and after attending it you will no longer have to operate in the shadows!

This training session covers the following learning points

  • Our Profiles
  • Building, growing and retaining community
  • How to engage with our community
  • Linking social media
  • How social media follows the sales cycle
  • Finding inspiration for content
  • Growing your professional brand


After 4 hard but rewarding sessions you have finally reached the peak of Sales Mountain. This is a session that focuses on advanced, top-end sales skills. The One Percent Club finally gives you the insiders knowledge about what really separates the top one percent sales guys from the rest.

This training session covers the following learning points

  • The Rules of Kaizen
  • Marginal Gains
  • Closing (For Pro’s)
  • The Secrets of The Top Negotiators
  • Upselling and Cross Selling
  • Price Positioning and Retaining The Power

Includes Free 12 Month subscription to the Sales Geek Hub


Part-funding Enquiry Form

Sales Geek have access to a limited number of part funded places for all of our Academy Courses. This can mean that qualifying organisations can receive up to 40% funding towards their booking. To see if you qualify, please fill in this form.

Part Funding Enquiry Form


So, you’ve been around the block eh! Closed some cool stuff in the past, know your sales skills, awesome at prospecting, running a cool business, ready for the next step and want to tackle those bigger more complex deals? If that is you, then Academy Pro is where it’s at for your next step in career and personal development.
Sales Geek Academy Pro taps into the experience and learning from our top specialists in their field, Geeks who have developed some of the worlds best sales strategies for the worlds biggest companies. This modular course will take you on the ultimate sales experience. Learning everything from: the psychological impacts of buyer behaviour and why we do what we do; all the way to the best negotiations course on the market today.

This course is based on experiential learning: You’ll map your own learning to real deals live in your portfolio now, including scoping people behaviour models and negotiation strategies. Every session is designed to level-up your skills so that you give yourself and your business the maximum chance of success. You’ll have homework and mentoring between stages using the latest thinking and methodologies designed to cut straight to the chase, the deal!



  • Process vs Methodologies – what is best for your business & why
  • Types of methodologies, strengths and weaknesses for performance and management
  • Processes for optimal pipeline management and SPE
  • Business modelling optimisation


  • Consumer and Business Buyer Psychology
  • Buyer types, why and how we buy
  • Profiling buyer behaviour
  • Procurement function and how it deals with sales
  • Buyer drivers and Industry 3.0
  • Understanding ‘The System’
  • Buyer influencing tactics


  • Scenario Case Study  – Role play
  • What negotiation is
  • What negotiation isn’t
  • Negotiation psychology
  • Persuasion and language skills
  • Breakdown of Brexit
  • Scenario case study – Role play


  • Sales models – old ways vs buyer 4.0
  • Outcome model
  • Solutions sales Prospecting in the new world
  • Value creation & modelling
  • Methodologies to support
  • Psychological profile of ‘challenger’ sales people in the new world

Includes Free 12 Month subscription to the Sales Geek Hub


£3500.00 + VAT

What our clients say

Your Place or Ours?

Weighing up whether to visit the Geek Bunker for training or embrace your home comforts? We can help with that.

Your Place?

Whilst the Geek Bunker provides a uniquely Geeky experience and creative environment for training, we can deliver the Sales Geek Academy™ experience in-house.

If you have a sales team of 5 or more you may want the Geeks to visit you.

We can deliver a more bespoke experience for your team with insights exclusive to your business.

If you have more than 10 employees and/or need are more wide ranging training support then Your Sales Trainer™ may be a better fit for you.

Our Place?

Attending the Sales Geek Academy™ at the Geek Bunker gives you the chance to get away and get Geeky.

Sometimes a change of environment changes our perspective and at Sales Geek we certainly provide an environment that helps you think creatively.

If you are an individual sales person, a small sales team or a small business owner then the Sales Geek Academy™ provides a first class learning experience.


The Geek Bunker™ is your home for both Sales Geek Academy™ & Sales Geek Academy Pro™ or if you are just  popping in to meet a Geek. You are in for a treat! Our space is geared for learning in a fun and relaxed environment. We use the latest AV equipment, have room for 28 delegates conference style with break out rooms and spaces including ‘The Snug’, ‘Reggie Bulldog’s mini-snug’ and the ‘Thinking Room’, complete with pool table! We even have our own geek glasses wall if anyone needs to unleash their inner geek to add to their experience (trust us, everyone does!).

All our courses mix seminar style with workshops, group discussions and exercises. Our trainers are massively experienced and have a wealth of knowledge that is almost unparalleled. Not only that, they are able to communicate that experience in a way that is easily digestible and transformative for individuals and businesses alike. At SalesGeek© we cater for every learning style at a pace that suits the individual. We even have you covered for lunch. Here at Geek we know good food and we know what goes into making a successful working lunch.

The Bunker is easily accessible, less than 5 minutes from junction 7 on the M65 with loads of onsite parking. In fact you can even reach us by canal as we are 1 minutes walk from the Leeds Liverpool Canal’s Pilkington Bridge (#114C for all you fellow Geeks)