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Sales Geek Management Development Programme

Why choose Your Sales Leadership & Development™?​

Our carefully designed Sales Management Development programme is broken down into separate modules, each focusing on the essential areas of Sales Management.

Experience tells us that three-hour classroom sessions are the most productive, giving time for intensive learning, a sharing of ideas and a chance to assimilate new knowledge. Every session is unique, but the modules will break down roughly as follows:

  • An assessment of current beliefs and levels of understanding, incorporating tools for self-analysis and evaluation
  • Methodology of core principles
  • Group activities (engaging, interactive, meaningful)
  • Workbooks to capture knowledge and for future reference
  • An essential kit consisting of tools to put the training into practice within the workplace
  • Links to further development

Ensuring that each module complements previous learning yet moves on to focus on a new set of skills will be an important feature. This will help create a sense of progression throughout the modules and test both knowledge and skills for the entirety of the programme. Clients will be asked to complete tasks that will ensure new skills are embedded and they are ready for the next session.

  • Classroom training
  • Presentations
  • Interactive activities
Tangilble Materials
  • A Personal Development/Training Portfolio that grows as the course develops
  • Workbooks and classroom training materials
  • Hand outs
  • Evidence sheets
Assessment of Legacy
  • Follow up/feedback session
  • Evidence sheets
  • Set and revisit training objectives/SMART goals
  • Assessing current appraisal forms & identifying how to add evidence of training.
  • Using current agent (and manager) KPI’s as a benchmark against which training can be assessed.
  • Possibility of customer interaction email/dashboard to assess current training & performance levels & identify further areas for development.
  • Using the updated ‘Balanced Scorecard’ to identify changes in performance
  • Using the tools from session 1 (coaching) in order to assess changes in attitude/aptitude of sales agents from a personal perspective.


Assessing Legacy:

At Sales Geek, we are keen that all attendees will leave each session with skills and knowledge that can be implemented with their team. The tool kit will consist of practical tools, and will have a set objectives to implement before a later session.

Feedback Session:

As part of the programme, and before moving on to the next module, there will be a scheduled feedback session and a discussion of how new skills have been put into practice. We love to focus on success stories wherever possible, which can be shared, and setbacks analysed honestly.

Ad Hoc Elements:

We pride ourselves in ensuring that all training needs are addressed and individual requests for specific sessions will be embraced where possible. Dependent on the urgency of the request these will either be added to the relevant modules or form a separate, shorter session created and delivered when necessary.

Bite-sized Agent Training:

Further ad hoc elements may arise as managers implement the development training. Wherever possible, these will be created as specific bite-sized training sessions that managers can then run with their teams.

1. Sales Performance Coaching 
  • An in-depth self-evaluation and analysis of learning styles – putting you in the spotlight
  • Let’s evaluate your team and understand each personality
  • Motivating others – it can be done!
  • A look over the coaching toolkit
2. Sales Team Development
  • A ‘train the trainer’ session
  • Training materials – how to make them more effective
  • Revisiting and refreshing knowledge
  • Delivering training that has impact
  • The importance of presentation skills
3. Sales Team Leadership
  • Sales management styles – get the best for your situation
  • Crafting the perfect team
  • Tips to boost effectiveness
  • Essential leadership skills to construct and maintain stronger relationships
4. Feeding Back
  • One 2 ones – making sales more productive
  • Looking ahead to embedding the structure
  • Meaningful goals and targets
  • How to ensure feedback is constructive
  • The importance of emotional intelligence
5. Managing Change
  • Techniques to underpin effective negotiation
  • A resistance sales team? How to overcome this
  • Re-energizing the disillusioned – it can happen to us all!
  • Change formula : N=V>R=C
6. Sales Reporting & Targets
  • The issue of reporting
  • The effective use of KPI’s to motivate agents
  • How to set individual targets that work
  • Weaving targets through everyday activities
7. Conflict Management in Sales
  • Conflict – ways to deal with this and to move on
  • Challenging conversations – a look at how these can be managed
  • Creating buy-in with difficult personalities
  • Techniques for negotiation
  • A closer look at agent negativity and how to manage this
8. Productivity in Sales
  • The importance of good organisational skills and effective time management
  • Overall effectiveness – the impact you and your team are making
  • Prioritising with a busy schedule
  • Structuring your day
  • Goals, strategy, plan of attack
9. Values Role Models
  • Future module

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