What is a sales strategy?

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Sales directors have many responsibilities within a business, but one of their most important is to devise and deliver the sales strategy. This is the high-level plan that defines what the sales function will do for the year ahead, what its main objectives are and how it will achieve them via a tactical delivery plan.

Why is a sales strategy important for your business?

The sales strategy ensures that the business’s target sales are delivered. Without a clearly defined strategy, sales teams do not have the clear individual and team-based goals and objectives that they need to focus their efforts and clarify their work. Without a strategy, businesses just resort to desperate tactics and don’t achieve the results they need.

How do you write a sales strategy?

The sales strategy is never a standalone document. Firstly, it is underpinned by the overall business strategy that sets the course of the entire organisation. The sales director will take the overarching business plan and key objectives/goals for the year ahead, and identify which of those are sales related.

From here, the director can set sales function goals at a high level and then work out how they can be delivered by the sales resources that are available. Primarily, these resources will be talent-based in the form of sales reps, but the delivery will also be supported by investment in areas such as sales technology and training, to upskill reps and ensure they can perform at the level needed to hit tough targets.

How does the sales strategy link with the marketing strategy?

The sales strategy will also link in with the marketing strategy to ensure the two functions are working together in a logical way and that their campaigns are understood and timed appropriately. Sales and marketing are closely aligned and the best results are achieved when sales and marketing directors have a close, productive relationship that unlocks synergies for the functions and results of the organisation. It will also split activities into outbound and inbound sales strategies, to reflect the different goals and activities of these differing approaches.

What is an outbound sales strategy?

An outbound strategy involves the seller reaching out to the prospect in a proactive way to initiate content. The proactive sale process works to build interest and encourage the consumer to find out more about the business’s offer. This is the more traditional type of selling that most people think of when they imagine the work of a sales rep. It is also one of the tougher parts of sales, as it involves cold-calling, networking, proactive appointment making and generally reaching out to make contact and secure a meeting.

What is an inbound sales strategy?

Inbound sales occur when potential customers contact businesses to enquire about their services or products. Inbound sales focus on lead generation. Inbound sales reps connect with prospects to discover their pain points, offer solutions and build trust. This type of sales is often supported by digital technologies and marketing efforts that help to create interest and awareness for a potential customer. The sales team then works to educate, inform and then eventually convert the prospect into a customer.

How do sales directors develop sales strategies?

The sales director will spend time thinking broadly and creatively about the ways in which they can line up the team and other sales resources to deliver what the business needs. The director is likely to meet with other senior stakeholders to get their input and clarify key requirements. They will draft the strategy for input from certain key individuals and then finalise it within a timeframe. Once finalised and approved by the business CEO, the strategy will be shared and the sales director will deliver presentations and briefings to ensure that it is understood by everyone in the business.

The strategy will also then be translated into a detailed delivery plan and each sales rep and sales team member will receive their own team and individual level targets for delivery, all of which support the broader strategy delivery.

How can Sales Geek help with your sales strategy?

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