Responding to Coronavirus

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This is a message to all our customers, clients, friends and supporters.

As the news and continual updating of our government’s response to Coronavirus continues apace the impact this has on our businesses is beginning to be felt.

We shouldn’t panic, but there is worry, not just for our own health and the ones we love but for the health of our own businesses.

Sales Geek are in the fortunate position that we are able to pivot into providing remote digital solutions for our services but we know not all our clients and friends can do that.

We want to support you at this time.

We know that you will need us now, probably more than ever!

So we will be doubling down on our efforts for our customers and innovating with how we deliver that support. We will be contacting all our clients today and tomorrow. In the meantime please give us a call 01254 300 031 so we can help you.
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