Weekly Geek Returns

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Weekly Geek 2 is landing June 19th

It’s here, Weekly Geek is back
Series 2 is going to be:
Geekier 🤓
We’ve lined up 28 new episodes and Series 3 is also being planned.

Sales Geek Founder Richard Few launched his Weekly Geek series within days of starting the company. It was a way to add a little value to business owners and sales leaders on a regular basis without making things too complicated and it became a fabulous tool for dialogue in the sales arena. People grew to love it, then to expect it…

But there was an issue! Sales Geek was growing exponentially and Richard’s time and attentions were necessarily dragged away. When Jonathan Finch joined the team there was a very brief renaissance to the ‘show’ as Jonathan’s unique knowledge and delivery continued Richard’s great work. Once again, however, business success lead Jonathan out of the Weekly Geek limelight and the broadcasts became ever more intermittent.

But the geeks had a plan.

In the meantime we have been plotting the return of the series, mapping out great original content with a great narrative arc. Our geeky team has been tapped up to deliver more episodes, so you will have different voices and deeper insight. We have planned out a way to deliver weekly Geek that will avoid the same pitfalls as last time, so you should be in for a treat, at least for the rest of 2019.

Here’s just a taster of what to expect:
More sales help
More Geeks
More often

Expect it… June 19th 2019

View just a small part of last season here:


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