Weekly Geek S2 Episode 2: Are You Easy To Buy From?

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Weekly Geek S2 Episode 2 is here. Are You Easy To Buy From?

with our very own Erik!

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In this Week’s Weekly Geek…

Is your company easy to buy from? Chances are you were at the start but recently your sales cycle has become a little bumpy and a little less navigable for your customers. Things change in business, processes change, GDPR has been huge recently in forcing businesses to change the way they operate. Systems change, maybe we have a new CRM system for example. We add new products over time as we grow. All these changes usually add ‘bumps’ to our sales cycles. Those bumps make it more difficult for your customers to buy from you. So it’s imperative that every now and then you review your sales cycle and look to smooth those bumps out and make things easy again for your customers. The easiest way to do this is to view things from your customers perspective. You can even ask them!! So go ahead, look at your sales cycle today, see how it has evolved and changed and look to smooth things out for your customers.