What is consultative sales training?

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Just like those in any other role, people working in consultative sales need to keep on top of the nuances of the job and make sure their skills stay sharp. Training is key to this and ensures that you remain successful in the role. One of the techniques that sales reps could benefit from is consultative sales, so if this is not an approach you are currently taking advantage of, training is definitely a good idea to improve your sales. Read on to find out more about what consultative sales training is and how it could help you or your team.

What is consultative sales?

Consultative sales is a sales approach that recommends solutions to particular issues or pain points that the client may have. In this way, they act in a manner more like an advisor than a salesperson. This can help to build a more friendly relationship and endear the client to you. This technique is sometimes also referred to as needs-based selling. One of the most common examples is when a car salesman asks lots of questions about the type of car you need, what you need to use it for and what you want from it in order to make suggestions on what would be the best option for you based on this information.

What is consultative sales training?

Consultative sales training is a way of training those working on sales in your team to be able to take a more advisory stance when it comes to some clients. Approaching sales in this way is a great technique but can take a lot of getting used to. Training is the best way to introduce this new method to your team and, in turn, can make a big difference in the results that your sales team produces.

In an age where information is growing more and more accessible and buyers are becoming more informed, it is important to be careful about how you approach sales. Trying to tell customers what is best for them will not work when buyers can so easily research for themselves. 

How can consultative sales training benefit you?

Consultative sales training helps you to understand how to give a much friendlier edge and positions you as an advisor who is offering value and knowledge rather than as a sales rep who is simply trying to tell the customer what is best for them. It teaches you how discussing and sharing perspectives helps to build up the relationship and means that there is a much stronger basis when it comes to suggesting products and following through with sales.

It also trains you on how to build up a relationship that is more personalised and accounts for the individualities of each client. Discussing their issues and advising them is much more individualised and so improves the relationship with the customer going forward.

You’ll learn how to maintain these relationships outside of the sale. Retaining clients and keeping the option open for repeat sales is key and this type of training allows you to learn how to build and maintain a stronger connection with the client that is more likely to result in them returning to your business or even referring others. 

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