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During the Coronavirus crisis we are still able to deliver the Sales Geek Academy™ program remotely to sales teams.

SalesGeek© are an ISM accredited Training Centre, a mark of the quality of our sales training. We are one of only 20 such training centres worldwide. As such we are able to issue CPD credits for you and your sales teams for every course they undertake Sales Geek want to EMPOWER your sales team to grow your business. We give them the skill sets they need to create and nurture long lasting relationships with your customers. Whats stopping you from training your team? When it comes to Sales training most people have 2 crucial questions.

  1. Will the training distract us from our core function of actually selling our product/service?
  2. How do I know it’s going to be any good?

Will the training distract us from our core function of actually selling our product/service? Don’t worry. We have a cunning Geeky plan. The way we work with all our training and the reason that our learning points gain real traction in people’s minds is because we work with real live situations, real time issues, real time deals. Experience is the greatest teacher, so why fight it? All our training is also bespoke to your needs and happens around the work your team is currently involved in.

How do I know it’s going to be any good? It’s a reasonable question. You need a return on your investment. Maybe your fingers have been burned before? Hopefully we can reassure you.

Firstly, we are one of only 20 training centres worldwide and the only one in the North West of England accredited by the ISM. That means we have to meet rigorous standards with the training we provide and the materials we use. It also means we cn issue CPD points for all the training you and your teams undertakes.

Secondly, please take a look at our testimonials.

Lastly, delve into our Geek bios  Our training staff have developed the internal sales training programmes for some of the largest most innovative companies in the world. We have been responsible for the learning and development for 1,000s of people across dozens of organisations and have developed accredited training courses for Universities. Our Geeks have mini MBAs in sales negotiation at Ivy League schools and hold qualifications in sales and negotiation. We have a deep understanding of a buyer’s DNA and buyer behaviours as well as the behaviours of sales people. Some of us still have our QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) too!

What we are trying to say is being A Sales Geek means we have earned our Geeky T-shirt but we are committed to continually learning about our chosen profession too. There are a million reasons to train your sales team but sometimes we don’t always know where to start when trying to find something appropriate for our needs.

Your Sales Trainer™ plugs an experienced sales trainer directly into your business to deliver bespoke training for your sales teams. We use real world examples from your existing pipeline to cement key learning points and ultimately help develop your staff into a mean, lean sales machine!

What our clients say

If you are looking for one off sales courses or support for one or two individuals then please check out our Sales Geek Academy™ page.

Your sales team are the heart and soul of your business and if you are trying to create a sustainable revenue pipeline then Your Sales Trainer™  is going to help you achieve that by empowering your sales team and giving them the tools to succeed. Our sales training methods give your teams a toolbox of sales skills and experiences they can apply to any situation helping them become more resilient and able to deal with ongoing changes within your business and marketplace.  At Sales Geek, we understand that no sales teams are the same… So why would Your Sales Trainer™ be? Think what you could achieve with a SalesGeek in your corner? Some of our clients need more than just a Sales Trainer We are happy to talk through your specific needs. We never take a one size fits all approach. Please call us to discuss: 01254 300 031

The Sales Academy

  • Sales Training for everyone
  • ISM Accredited
  • 30+ hours across the year
  • CPD Points

Your Sales Enabler

  • Top sales leadership talent
  • Diagnosis of your sales operations
  • Long term strategic planning
  • Zero on-costs

Your Sales Director

  • Part-time Sales Director
  • Experienced Sales Leadership
  • Strategic Support
  • Zero on-costs